Police Department

Contact Us

For Emergencies, call 911

For information on tickets, court dates or other court related questions, please contact:
Court Clerk (918) 366-0424

Non-Emergency Police:
(918) 366-8294

Non-Emergency Fire:
Bixby Fire Department
Station 1 – (918) 366-0438 or Station 2 – (918) 366-0402

Blackboard Connect Link

The CIty of Bixby uses the Blackboard Connect portal to stay connected with its residents, signing up with Blackboard can get you any number of notifications from road closures to missing persons to things like flu clinic announcements. Both the Bixby Police and The City of Bixby work together in using this notification system to keep you safe and aware of what’s is happening in your community.If you’re interested in signing up with Blackboard Connect use the link attached at the bottom of this page.If you’re already signed up with Blackboard and wish to add phone numbers or email addresses that can be done simply by logging in on the same link at the bottom of the page.You can also use this form to opt out of Blackboard Connect listing or choose any of the groups we are setting up for special notifications.https://bixbyok.bbcportal.com/


City of Bixby Warning Sirens Map

McReady Taking Shelter

Storm Shelter Permit