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Understanding my citation

NOTE:  Court appearance is not mandatory for all offenses.  For select offenses, advance payment is accepted on or before the scheduled court date listed on the citation.  If payment is made on the scheduled court date, it must be paid during regular business hours between 8:00A and before 4:30P at the payment counter or on-line.  The following examples do not list all offenses.  If you have any questions regarding your particular citation, please contact the Court Clerk directly at (918) 366-0424 during regular business hours and if you are calling on your scheduled court day, please call before 1:00 p.m..

The following are examples of citations which can be paid on or before scheduled court appearance:

Speed 1-10 over, Speed 11-15 over, Speed 16-20 over, Failure to Wear Seatbelt, No Valid/Expired/Bogus Tag, Failure to Use Child Restraint, Defective Equipment, Changing Lanes Unsafely, Improper Lane Use, Disobey Traffic Control Device, Fail to Signal Turn, Fail to Stop for Stop Sign, Fail to Yield, and Parking Violations

The following are examples of citations requiring mandatory court appearance:

Speed 21 or more over, Driving while Revoked, No Driver’s License, Driving Under Suspension, Driving Under the Influence, Actual Physical Control, Transporting Open Container, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia, Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance, Public Intoxication, Obstructing an Officer, Assault and Battery

The Municipal Court accepts payment on-line using a Debit, Visa or Master Card. To use this on-line payment option, you will need your citation number and date of birth.

View and pay Municipal Court citations online.

Court is held only on Tuesdays.  Court arraignments are held at 5:30P. .Municipal Court is located at:

City Hall
116 W. Needles
Bixby, OK 74008


Court Date and Times





ROAD WORK ALERT: As part of the Vision 2025 Haikey Creek Flood Protection Project, the City of Bixby will commence reconstructing the bridge on 131st Street located 1/8 mile west of Mingo Road. 131st Street will be closed to through traffic on either side of the bridge from approximately July 14th to September 13th. This bridge has been deemed structurally deficient by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, necessitating the complete reconstruction. MORE INFO